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fLex provides forwarders a solution to digitize manual work with cloud-based software for the benefits of both shipper, consignee, and freight forwarding companies.

Discover how our easy-to-use software can help improving your freight forwarding business.

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fLex Solutions is a range of systems which helps carriers, airlines, forwarders and customers in the freight forwarding industry. Built on a service oriented architecture the individual systems enables all major parties involved in moving cargo with a set of tools which minimize tedious tasks and provide exactly the amount of information needed for each specific task. Not only does this save time and costs, but also keep business knowledge secure within the organisation, preserves a consistent profile towards customers and makes quoting collaboration easy.

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Have your customers asked for a calculator? fLex has:

  • All transport modes in one single comparable view
  • Option to give web service access
  • Can be tailor made according to your design wishes
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fLex is changing the way freight forwarders operate and it is affecting the entire process by which customers, freight forwarders, network and suppliers cooperate. fLex is more than technology that gains a competitive advantage over other global freight forwarders. It's a tool where freight operation can perform at a lower cost and perform

Sea, air, road, and courier procurement in one system, make controlling, updating and maintaining rates very fast and safe. The result is increased efficiency for the entire organization.
fLex procurement is developed to sharpen freight forwarders competitive edge by providing fast, reliable rate search, maintaining and comparing rates. In fLex you can get all related freight charges including origin and destination charges. A procurement system with rate integration to shipping lines, co-loaders and other suppliers, will reduce costs and time for rate upload and provide you with better data quality.
In a modern world, customers and your network require freight rates fast and easy. With an online quoting tool, your customers and your network around the world can use fLex freight calculator and get needed rates, compare rates and transit time immediately. fLex addresses the challenges with different time zones and customer service who are busy with handling shipments or your sales team who are out of the office. Together with our fLex procurement system, managing profit margins and updating quotes takes no time, and your sales team will spend less time on freight quotes and more on clients and offers.
Customer facing platforms can reduce costs and increase shipping efficiency. Your customers don't have to be an expert in logistics to book a shipment. Your customers can compare freight rates and book sea, air, road, courier and parcel shipments in one platform, which reduces the time spent on your customer service by handling bookings. fLex is the best booking software to keep your customers happy and your operation lean.
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Make a quote with just a few clicks

With just a few clicks, based on actual procurement rates and template surcharges, you make a quote for your customer.

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Calculate online

By the click of a button, give the customers' contacts a login to your fLex online calculator. Here the customer are able to see past and current total freight costs for specific shipments.

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Get the booking

With the total cost calculation at hand, the customer can click book on the desired service and enter the needed details for that particular transport mode. The booking is then transferred to your TMS for further operation. Customers can also book if they do not have a quote for a particular shipment, and then the price can be added later and a standard quote can be issued.

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We are eager to show you what fLex can do for you and your customers. Please see some of the most treasured fLex features below:

  • Supports Sea, Air, Road and Courier transport modes
  • Fully customizable booking platform, with door to door comparison of prices across all transport modes
  • Full transparency from procurement rates to customer selling rates
  • Direct integration to couriers, carriers and other freight forwarder suppliers
  • Cloud based platform for instant scalability and high reliability
  • Flexible modern platform, so development of new features and integration is easy

Development of fLex is customer driven, so new features and improvements are implemented every month

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