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Freight forwarders and Sales professionals often spend tedious and ineffective time drafting proposals and obtaining approvals from customers and agents. Still, many use stand-alone programs, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, which is time-consuming, not easy to manage, and can negatively impact revenue and customer satisfaction. In addition, with the ever-changing freight rates in the market, it is not easy, with a manual process, to send out new rates and keep your customers and agents updated at all times.

The fLex Quotation Management Software (QMS) helps you automate the pricing and quotation process. For example, you can automatically update all your customer and agent prices every time your cost base changes. This way, you become proactive and send friendly and uniformed PDF offers in your corporate profile in only a few clicks. Simultaneously, all rates are available in the online booking portal, and customers and agents can easily calculate and book shipments.

 24-7 online quotes

What’s in for you - and your customers and agents?

Quicker conversion of quotes into bookings: Allowing your customers and agents to calculate online and get instant prices for their forecast and business projections can help you get a higher success ratio for your quotations and turn them into bookings.

Reduce Quotation Time: The fLex QMS ensures that each quotation is according to your predefined profile and rules, increasing your chances of success, your margin and reducing the costs of failure.

Sales efficiency: Help your sales team concentrate on selling and customer follow-up and less on managing quote documents and internal coordination. Having all your quotes in one database and mirrored into the TMS will save you tons of hours, money, and overhead while increasing productivity.

Gain efficiency in your sales operations: Today, incoming queries from customers and agents often take up to 48 hours or more to answer. In the fLex QMS, customers and agents can look up the prices themselves, or if they prefer e-mail/personal contact, the freight forwarder can quickly look up the price in a few minutes.

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