New SPOT quoting module

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New SPOT quoting module

As the carriers become technologically mature, we expect to see a good mixture of SPOT rates and contracted rates in the market. To manage this situation, we will in Q4-21 be launching a new SPOT quoting module helping freight forwarding companies to quote in minutes and streamlining the entire quoting and communication process with clients.


Communicating prices and ensuring client feedback within the validity period place significant demands on freight forwarders. The new module makes it easy to request and look up buying rates, add margins, do follow-ups, and have a total overview of the whole quoting process via the Dashboard. Combining our white-label booking platform and the SPOT quoting module will be an excellent first step to becoming a digital freight forwarder. Like all fLex modules, SPOT works for all transport modes (Air, Sea, Road, Express, and Parcels) and as a stand-alone or integrated solution.

Spot Quote Process


By structuring the entire quoting process, you can:

 - Uniform your quoting process across all freight modes
 - Get a complete overview of the number of quotes and the conversion rate into bookings
 - Follow up and get more knowledge on your customers
 - Uniform your profile/identity towards the market
 - Optimize and standardize your internal workflow
 - Receive the correct booking information the first time
 - Enhance your sales and operational excellence

Spot Quote Dashboard

For more information or a demonstration, please get in touch with our CCO, Flemming Pedersen, at

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