Announcement: New Partnership Agreement between IFLN Networks and CON-LINQ

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New Partnership Agreement between IFLN Networks and CON-LINQ

We are pleased to welcome IFLN Networks as our new strategic partner. IFLN Networks consists of +300 specialist freight companies in more than 100 countries. High standards of quality, conduct, and business practices enable members to compete with multinational logistics companies globally. The IFLN Network’s members employ more than 18,000 professionals operating from over 420 offices worldwide and have collective sales revenue of U.S. $5.7 billion per year. The IFLN Network has a strong market presence on every continent, supported by a total terminal and warehouse capacity of more than 5.6 million square meters.

Digital transformation is becoming increasingly relevant and a top priority for IFLN members and IFLN Networks. As part of its range of benefits and programs for its members, IFLN has been hard at work searching for the right tools/solutions regarding Rate Management, Quoting online Booking, and Calculation.

We found that the Freight Tech market is very differentiated with some software companies having limited freight competencies while others specialize in specific types of freight. It quickly became clear that we needed to find a partner who understands the freight languages, has good long-term references, and can provide an all-in-one solution where all transport modes can be handled in one platform, says President of IFLN Networks Mr. Michel Vanlerberghe. With CON-LINQ and their fLex solution, he continues, we believe we have found the right partner.

Founder and CEO of CON-LINQ Mark Kristensen welcome the selection and looks forward to working with IFLN and their +300 members. We consider the partnership with IFLN a unique opportunity to help IFLN and its members on their digital journey and look forward to getting started.

From the end of January 2021, we will introduce CON-LINQ and their fLex solution, to our members, Michel Vanlerberghe explains. We believe that many IFLN members will be interested in seeing how the future of freight forwarding is changing and understanding how it will impact their businesses, he says.

Flemming Pedersen, CCO of CON-LINQ, who knows both the freight language and the freight forwarding business will be contacting and engaging with the IFLN members as we move forward with our partnership, Mark Kristensen says.

Knowing the IFLN Networks and many of the members for years gives me a good understanding of the needs and the benefits we can bring with fLex, Flemming Pedersen explains. Our fLex solution is scalable and can meet the requirements of all members. I look forward to presenting our solution and show the benefits and advantages of having one platform for all transport modes, enabling the members to have a broader product portfolio, one face towards their customers, increased sales, and just as importantly staying ahead of the competition and remain independent.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Flemming Pedersen +45 20737271 or e-mail:


CON-LINQ is a fast-growing freight-tech company, founded back in 2006. Our goal is to help transport and logistics companies to succeed. We are committed to providing the best and most innovative software solution that supports our client’s business strategy. Our proven Business cases speak for themselves. Today the fLex software runs in +30 countries, has +5 million rate updates every month, +300.000 freight bookings, and more than 2 mills. freight calculation and help Freight forwarding companies to digitize and streamline their processes.

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