Digital Freight Forwarder

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What does it take to become a “Digital freight forwarder”? We often receive this question from independent forwarding companies being concerned about the digital transformation happening in the industry as we speak.

Becoming a “Digital freight forwarder” is primarily a matter of facing reality and an open mindset. Technological progress does not end up waiting and forwarding companies must learn to accept and adapt just like any other industry.

Commoditization of freight forwarding and using online platforms will just increase. This does not mean that the freight forwarding role will disappear, though new roles and skills will become essential. Online tools and Customer-facing software will certainly make processes easier for all parties and forwarding companies must therefore learn to innovate, be agile and offer exceptional customer service experiences, to differentiate. Technological integration, backup, and support to Customers and Partners will be crucial.

As we see it, it is important to have a strategy for understanding your business needs and your place in the market, to decide what solutions will address your needs, and ensuring that the solution can be integrated seamlessly and effectively with your existing platforms, partners, and customers. Finding the right scalable technology suiting your needs is demanding work, but we will be happy to give you some inspiration and demonstrate how we can help you to become a “Digital freight forwarder”.

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