New software solutions

By integrating existing processes and daily work into efficient IT solutions, costs can be saved. We offer a professional and objective analysis, development and deployment of new IT solutions. By making a comprehensive (pre-) analysis in close interaction with you and when requirements have been defined we assemble the right development team to ensure correctness, speed and cost levels are achieved.


Data is valuable, but can become expensive

Having data is not necessarily an asset to the business. The data needs to be consistent, updated and available in a format where it can be used for it purpose. At Con-LinQ, we see it as our finest job to make the data and the applications which rely on them live up to those standards. By using services that exchange data in platform and technology independant formats, like XML, the applications and other recipients of data become better equipped - and so does your business.

Re-engineering solutions

Old systems that because of age, programming language, technology or implementation have become tedious to work with and inadequate, can greatly benefit from re-engineering.

By transforming these systems that actually includes the required functionality, companies can greatly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve the daily user experience. On top of that the re-engineered system will better be able to cope with future demands to flexibility and collaboration with other systems. Furthermore, should it be needed to extend the system more knowledge is available about the new technologies and best practices. This not only important internally in the organization, but endorses compatibility with your customers’ systems.